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Ethical Policy

MICHELANGELO research will be continuously investigated by the Ethics Advisory Board (see next paragraph).

MICHELANGELO will follow the opinions of various expert committees in the field (e.g. the European group on ethics (EGE) in science and new technologies and the statement by the Ethics Committee of the American Psychological Association).

All national legal and ethical requirements of the Member States where the research is performed will be fulfilled.

The Ethics Advisory Board will scrutinise the research, to guarantee that no undue risk for the user, whether medically/technically, nor related to the breach of privacy, is possible. Thus, the Consortium shall implement the research project in full respect of the legal and ethical national requirements and code of practice. Whenever authorisations have to be obtained from national bodies, those authorisations shall be considered as documents relevant to the project. Copies of all relevant authorisations shall be submitted to the Commission prior to commencement of the relevant part of the research project.

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