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MICHELANGELO project in the reseach*eu magazine

The April issue of research*eu  RESULTS MAGAZINE has been devoted to «Science by and for the young».

The MICHELANGELO project  is among the 11 projects selected to document the European initiatives of the FP7 Program focusing on the needs, problems and day-to-day reality of young people. 

The magazine reports an interview to Silvio Bonfiglio, MICHELANGELO Project’s Coordinator.

Download Interview


Download the interview.


The interview is available also in French, German, Italian and Polish in the European Commission – Cordis – News and Events (http://www.cordis.europa.eu/news/rcn/122713).

Other on line magazines reported the interview:

  • http://girlscoutshopmaine.org/home-based-treatment-of-autism/
  • http://blog.applysci.com/?p=3804
  • https://www.facebook.com/EULawandPublications/posts/1046759105338669
  • http://www.mdtmag.com/news/2015/04/home-based-treatment-autism

as well as some local magazines:

in Italy: Terapia per l‘ autismo a domicilio

in Poland: Leczenie autyzmu w warunkach domowych

in Spain: Tratamiento del autismo en el hogar

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