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Exploiting ICT and other technologies for assessing and treating children with Autism

A Workshop organized by the MICHELANGELO Project (a research project co-financed by the European Commission - FP7, ICT for Health – Grant Agreement #288241)

Date: Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Venue: Assembly Buildings - Conference Centre - Fisherwick Place, Belfast, BT1 6DW

The workshop was split into two Parts: “The Technological View” and “From research to medical practice – Round Table”. 


Dr. Silvio Bonfiglio as the coordinator of the project gave an introduction to the workshop and to the MICHELANGELO Project team accompanied by FIMI BARCO, Italy and Ms. Angele Giuliano, AcrossLimits, Malta. Later on Ms. Lucia Billeci – CNR from Italy spoke about “ICT for remote monitoring of children with ASD”.

Michelangelo partners took part in a round table discussion during the second part of the meeting. After that Mr. Mark Donnelly from Ulster University spoke about Unmet needs and possible technological solutions. Finally, short presentations and discussion points from all participants were initiated and noted. The Agenda of the meeting is found below.


Part 1 - A Technological view



PART 1 : A technological view


Welcome – Introduction to the Workshop and to the MICHELANGELO Project

Silvio Bonfiglio - FIMI BARCO, Italy; Angele Giuliano, AcrossLimits, Malta


ICT for remote monitoring of children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder)

  • The MICHELANGELO unobtrusive platform for the monitoring of EEG, ECG and child’s behaviors - Lucia Billeci - CNR, Italy


ICT for ASD Assessment

  • Combined EEG signals and MR images processing for the analysis of brain connectivity in children with ASD – Das Saptarshi - Univ. Southampton, UK


Discussion - All


ICT for treatment of ASD children

  • A Novel Serious Gaming Platform - Anne Lise Jouen – APHP, France 
  • Exploring imitation and joint attention of children with ASD during interaction with a robot - Salvatore Anzalone – UPMC, France


ICT Infrastructure and new intervention protocols

  • The MICHELANGELO Platform: utilizing a range of emerging healthcare technologies to augment both clinic and in-home based intervention strategies for children with ASD - Mark Donnelly - ULSTER University Belfast, UK
  • Michelangelo Project’s Study: Protocol and preliminary outcomes - Antonio Narzisi - Fondazione Stella Maris,Italy


Discussion - All




Part 2 - From research to medical practice - Round table 

08:30-10:30 PART 2 : From research to medical practice - Round table

Introduction and Coordination: Mark Donnelly – Ulster University

Unmet needs and technological solutions

Short presentations / discussion points from ALL participants.

12:25 -12:30

Conclusions - Silvio Bonfiglio


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