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A Training Course on Robotics for Healthcare

In November 25, 2013 CNR, a Partner of the MICHELANGELO Project, was among the Organizers of 1 day Training Course - held in Catania, Italy - on “Robotics for healthcare applications with focus on Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)”.


Recent studies evidenced how the interaction with robotic systems can trigger imitative behaviour in the autistic child.


The training proposal was intended to explain the theoretical framework and empirical utility of the interaction of robots with autistic patients within a structured environment. It helps individuals to learn how to identify, interpret and use emotional information, thus increasing the ability to adapt to the social context . Individuals with ASD focus their attention on individual details, while an interaction with a robot allows a person to focus on the limited number of reproducible and adaptable communication modes of the robot. Also, while the stress of learning by a teacher can be excessive, the interaction with a robot reduces the pressure allowing the patient to better learn from the environment.


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